We are the Setting SunWe Are The Setting Sun
Release Date: April 2013
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This Is Sleep’s debut album, We Are the Setting Sun, was released April 2013 on Willie Cry Records. It features seven tracks that exemplify Miller’s energetic vision. Not only does the record feature rich layers and danceable beats, but it also fosters and encourages the use of technological advancements in recording. This is a sort of personal mission of Miller’s, to enable artists to produce their own work from home or without the support of a major studio. This is Sleep’s We Are the Setting Sun was completed self-produced, written and performed by Miller.

We Are the Setting Sun focuses on the want and need to escape, both figuratively and literally through sleep. “Our conscience lives two lives; a waking life and an unconscious dream life. Both affect the other. Sometimes you can be awake consciously but mentally or emotionally asleep,” Miller says of the debut’s concept. The album begins by falling asleep and guides the listeners through a deep slumber, the want to rise, and eventually waking. The title comes from the time Miller spent in Portland as a drummer.

You can buy We Are The Setting Sun on iTunes, Amazon, or listen to it on Spotify.